Abene WORKING VISIT REPORT 2011 - 2012

On Wednesday, December 21 2011ging I usually like to Abene to see how far the voorbereidingeng of construction have progressed and to see how many stones zijn.die all ready for the start of construction of the orphanage Abene Rosangelankie be used in 2012.

We have a German architect willing to offer a new drawing for the design of the orphanage to make.

My visit in Abene was very busy with arranging papers and stimulating the local population.

The needs are still enormous, and therefore all donations are welcome ernom.
ON January 2, 2012 we had a day with orphans, 40 in total where to buy school supplies we have been sharing good gifts that we were receiving EN gwen for our foundation. of friends in Holland (school bags, table football games)

Rosangelankie Foundation also has a Norwegian benefactor linens and uniforms for the orphan children of the staff in the center had come to work.

With the local administration, we talked about the future construction of the orphanage and we've all seen how this construction should be and what steps should be taken.

At our annual meeting with local government, we hoped that in the year 2012 started with the work of the foundation and walls can be made.

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