Abene is a village Mandingo and Diola which practical horticulture, this village is very welcoming and lively, the village has about 3000 inhabitants and is located in the southern province of Senegal, Casamance. 

Abene is located approximately 15 kilometres from the border with the Gambia.

The village has a small mosque, a church, school, a position of first aid medical one small bank "CASA" which is supervised by the Dutch Bank Rabobank. Water and electricity are the projects that are funded by the Netherlands.

The location where the orphanage will be built is located in the centre of the village, approximately twenty-five minutes walk and 15 minutes by bike from the beach of the Atlantic ocean.

The people there are very poor and there is no industry or other employments.


WHO should use this ORPHANAGE:

For all orphans aged 0-16 years without distinction of religions and tribes so that they can live in harmony.

Please give your love, your patience, your time and your money to receive in exchange for discoveries, cultural and humanitarian, intense meetings with orphaned children, the pleasure of moments shared with the latter and the wealth of useful and strong travel.

An orphan child, a necessary to support life. These orphans, poor and thus ensure schooling these children. The orphanage will encourage the awakening.


THE orphans:

Many parents are dead from the civil war which had ravaged Casamance, AIDS, yellow fever, malaria, typhoid and tuberculosis, children remain alone and often themselves are diseases.

Sometimes, they are supported by their grandmother who has often several grandchildren to care. We know that many children receive no moral, financial support.



Living in harmony with the babies, comply with their peace and their needs, this is the philosophy of the Association Rosangelankie database.

The baby in daycare makes us realize that the educators and educators who have the custody of young children must demonstrate a high level of skill.

The Rosangelankie Association also underline the importance to possess or acquire attitudes and values, as well as psychological and educational knowledge and know-how varied. This allows better name, define the jurisdiction, and in this, it is addressed first and to educators in training in the nursery are collected the new-born whose mother died after childbirth.

The Rosangelankie Association will put in place the structures that expanding in the preschool children to feel very immediately.

Nurseries are run by young mothers who need to be trained, they receive a small sum for as salary.

Children learn social skills, languages (French, English, Dutch, etc...) and also sing and dance from their own culture.


the objective is to provide care and education for orphaned children so when they have adulthood to a well developed and social life.

The orphanage is established for orphans in village of Abene and villages close by Abene which will be the first orphanage in the area.

Recovery and support orphans, destitute;

To let the children read and write;

The formation of these children by creating a training centre;

An extension of project of other African countries which required to help these children.

Promote the integration of children.

Field of action of the Association Rosangelankie:

Education through school support;

Literacy of children;

The orphaned children's health;

Insertion of orphaned and destitute children;

Local development in the field of agriculture, animal husbandry, poultry; Craft.

The General objectives of the Association Rosangelankie:

work for social, economic and moral of orphaned and destitute children well-being;

Contribute to the implementation and protection of the rights of the child;

Promote education and training of children.

The activities of the Association Rosangelankie: the awareness of children and the population;

Continuous training of staff;

Animation workshops.

The actions of the Association Rosangelankie: the actions of the Association Rosangelankie require good cooperation.

Immediate projects:

the Rosangelankie Association actively seeks partnerships with Associations and organizations sisters in Senegal, France, in the Netherlands and in the rest of the world to enable the projects above - after: the orphanage with capacity building 50 expandable seat has 100 children;

Sponsorship of children and l´orphelinat;

Creating a library of children aged between 6 years-16 years

Construction d´un vocational training centre d´en l´Association Rosangelankie is d´un field which will be used for the construction of the so-called centre of orphaned children who n´auront not d´aller capacity more later in their studies.

Create d´etudes mail support whose goal is d´assurer school follow-up in helping contact e-mail or mail any student who would like to be advised in his academic research or seeking to be accompanied in his inti go school.

The main purpose is more d´apporter a moral support and ensure that students wishing to further their learning dispose not their motivation.

This is why this project is so important in this part of Senegal which will guarantee assets to these orphan children.

That is why we have open lot of money to achieve these plans and for the maintenance of the buildings and staff in the service of the dorpeling, and school materials later.

L´Association Rosangelankie calls partnering functional and strategic with associations, foundations, organizations, national or international departments and with d´autres actors around the world by carrying out joint projects and nature social, educational, cultural and local development.

Finding funds for the construction of l´orphelinat and vocational training centre.

Find textbooks and school supplies for the establishment of the library.

Finding funds for l´envoie and l´acheminement of supplies and other gifts.

Build a network in the Netherlands and l´etranger for the promotion of l´Association Rosangelankie and the dissemination of future projects and activities.

Work in any sister organization involved in the promotion and the right to l´enfant in general and in particular of children orphaned or destitute.

All money, equipment in-kind donations will be welcome to support us in this great ideal.



Do you want to help us?

Do you want to become a contributor to this project? Has two choices:

- Become a donr and contribute every month

-Become a donor and contribute each year


KvKnr. 32134643

Bankrekening: INGbanknr. 4756975 

Rosangelankie  Association

Laren, Noord-Holland


Crédit Mutuel de Sénégal (C.M.S.)

 IBAN: K00110100502600710433864 


  rekeningnummer in Senegal. 2924

 Projet Orphanage Rosangelankie R.G.L.



Association Rosangelankie in contact Nederland:

Jean Milongo  voorzitter

 Goossen de Witstraat 4

 1251VW Laren, Noord-Holland

 Tel: 06-22858482


 Rosa Maria  secretaris

 Tel: 023-5366811


 E-mail; info@rosangelankie.org


Contact in Senegal:

Véronique Aboud  présidente



Restaurant Chez Véro Abené beach



Tel: 00221-776171714





Mam Limbo Vice-président

 Tel: 00221-777360223





Abene WORKING VISIT REPORT 2011 - 2012

On Wednesday, December 21 2011ging I usually like to Abene to see how far the voorbereidingeng of construction have progressed and to see how many stones zijn.die all ready for the start of construction of the orphanage Abene Rosangelankie be used in 2012.

We have a German architect willing to offer a new drawing for the design of the orphanage to make.

My visit in Abene was very busy with arranging papers and stimulating the local population.

The needs are still enormous, and therefore all donations are welcome ernom.
ON January 2, 2012 we had a day with orphans, 40 in total where to buy school supplies we have been sharing good gifts that we were receiving EN gwen for our foundation. of friends in Holland (school bags, table football games)

Rosangelankie Foundation also has a Norwegian benefactor linens and uniforms for the orphan children of the staff in the center had come to work.

With the local administration, we talked about the future construction of the orphanage and we've all seen how this construction should be and what steps should be taken.

At our annual meeting with local government, we hoped that in the year 2012 started with the work of the foundation and walls can be made.

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